How Is the Last Blockbuster Store Handling the Coronavirus?

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With so many small businesses facing an uncertain future, the last Blockbuster movie rental store in the world isn't going to let COVID-19 bring it down. 

"We've faced many challenges over the years and we've managed to muddle through and we will this one too," the store's general manager Sandi Harding said.

Inside Edition first profiled the sole surviving Blockbuster located in Bend, Oregon a year ago. In its heyday, there were more than 9,000 Blockbuster stores worldwide. Now, there's just one left, and Harding said the store has employed strict guidelines to stay in business while adapting to the pandemic.

"Everyone is wearing gloves. We have masks now for the employees that we had to wait for that we just got in this week. We have one way in, one way out. Max of 10 people in the store," Harding said.

Arrows in the aisles direct one-way foot traffic flow, helping customers maintain at least six feet of social distance. Every video gets wiped down before it leaves the store and when it's returned. For the first time ever, the store is also offering curbside pickup for customers who don't want to leave their cars.

The store's loyal fan base certainly appreciates the extra safety precautions. 

"They're doing all they can to keep things safe," said one customer.


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