How to Respond if You're Ever Groped: Today on Inside Edition

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A shocking video from California shows a man touching a Playboy model's behind while she's doing the laundry.

The model, 28-year-old Hayley Bray, immediately called out the stranger, which was the right thing to do, self-defense expert Lea Dray told Inside Edition. See here for more of her self-defense tips.

Incredible video shows the moment Mississippi pastor Bartholomew Orr floated above his congregation over the weekend. Inside Edition's Steven Fabian asked him how he did it.

In a new interview, Melania Trump defended her red Christmas trees as "fantastic" after they were mocked online. Today, her stepdaughter, Ivanka, is also at the center of social media chatter over her raspy voice.

And Inside Edition's Deborah Norville is opening up about how she lost 30 pounds — and the wardrobe malfunction she wishes had inspired her to lose weight sooner.

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