How Squeaky Sneakers Are Being Used by Some Parents to Keep Kids Safe

Inside Edition

There are various styles of squeaky shoes for sale, many of which cost under $20, that some parents say have helped them keep track of their children.

It's every parent’s fear: losing your kids while you’re out shopping. Now, some clever parents have found a way to address that fear: by putting squeakers in their children's shoes.

They're a practical way to keep track of little ones who can wander off in public.

While the squeakers are used for good reason, the noise has drawn complaints by some online.

Inside Edition met mom Sara Lebwohl and her 20-month-old daughter, Eliana, at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. Even with the noise from the crowd and the music playing, the squeaks from the sneakers Eliana was wearing could be heard loud and clear. 

“I think that parents should try them,” Lebwohl told Inside Edition.

So next time you hear that sound pay attention, it could be a lost kid, looking for their parent.

There are various styles of squeaky shoes for sale, with many costing under $20.

Noting that her daughter runs "all over the place," she said the squeaky sneakers are "better than losing your kid."

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