How the California Wildfire Is Threatening the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The California wildfires are spreading and authorities are worried it will get worse.

Flames are raging and winds are howling in California as authorities issued an extreme red flag warning to alert residents to the increasing threat of the wildfires.

Eyes right now are on the Reagan Library, which is under threat and surrounded by flames and smoke. Helicopters could be seen dropping liquid retardant on the line of fire.

The library is the final resting place for the former president and first lady. Sitting 45 miles from Los Angeles, it also contains irreplacable artifacts from the lives of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. It even houses an Air Force One plane, a recreation of the Oval Office and several of Nancy's gowns.

As the blazes continue to spread, it is feared unusually strong winds could whip up the already-fearsome fire elsewhere too.