How the Story of Little Addilyn Woodard Continues to Inspire Others

After suffering abuse, Addilyn's great aunt and uncle, as well as her community, stepped up to help Addilyn heal and have a better life.

Early in 2019, an almost 3-month-old baby girl from Tennessee named Addilyn was severely injured in an alleged case of abuse. The abuse was so severe that she was considered to be on the brink of death.

Addilyn had broken bones, broken ribs and she suffered from bleeding and swelling on the brain. She also suffered severe seizures due to her brain injuries and was unable to breathe on her own.  At the time, doctors said improvement was unlikely, but after 46 days in the hospital, she was discharged.

Stepping in to care for Addilyn was her great aunt Terra and uncle Trevor. They were by the young girl’s side while she healed.

And over time, she did. Addilyn began showing emotion. She smiled and cried. She also started breathing on her own, opening her eyes and moving her arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Later that year, Inside Edition Digital visited with Addilyn and her family. Her story of healing and how her adoptive parents and the community around them rallied to support her were featured on The Breakdown, where the story behind the story is told.

Throughout her hardships, Addilyn proved that she's small, but she’s mighty. And she showed that much could be learned about not giving up and pushing through.

For more on Addilyn's inspiring story, watch the video above. 

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