How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hotel Stay

The Knickerbocker Hotel's Laila DeMesme shares some of her top tips to maximize your hotel stay.

How do you make the most out of your hotel stay? Ask for what you need and be smart about how you book, experts say. 

Laila DeMesme, the director of sales at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York City, shared some of her top tips with Inside Edition.

"Let's talk about the all-important upgrade, how do you get one? I would certainly just ask upon check-in," DeMesme said. "Or if you tip your bellman, he might be able to help you with that as well." 

DeMesme suggests tipping the housekeeping staff $3 to $5 per day, depending on the type of hotel you're staying in, to get the best service. And while almost every traveler knows they can ask the front desk for a toothbrush if they forget theirs, hotels typically have other essentials to loan out as well, such as phone chargers, hair straighteners, yoga mats and even bicycles. 

When it comes to booking your room, third-party travel sites can be great for searching many properties at once, but the best price is often found by booking with the hotel directly. The last secret isn't a secret at all: it's the good old golden rule. By treating hotel staff as you want to be treated, you'll be sure to have the best stay possible. Bon voyage!