How to Prepare for Getting Stranded in the Wilderness

A survival expert tells Inside Edition how to prepare for an emergency in the wilderness.

Camping has become a popular activity during the pandemic, and with travel restrictions easing, this summer is sure to have lots of people pitching tents in the great outdoors. But being prepared for an emergency on even the most routine hike is important.

Courtney Leasure got lost hiking in South Lake Tahoe with her dog Marly. The snow was wet, and she slipped and fell off a cliff. She used the SOS alert on her cellphone, and she and Marly were rescued by helicopter.

Syngin Colchester, from the TLC reality show “90 Day Fiance,” was hiking in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia when he tripped and severely sprained both ankles.

They are just the latest batch of people who found themselves in crisis situations because of mishaps in the wild.

That’s why survival experts say it’s important to be prepared, even if you go on a simple hike or camping trip.

“Plan for an emergency in advance, and have a basic medical kit,” survival expert Thomas Coyne told Inside Edition.

Coyne said sprains are common, so always have elastic bandages on hand.

“Have what you need to spend the night in an emergency,” Coyne said.

Some important items to take with you are a lightweight blanket, a way to start a fire and a GPS tracking device to alert others to your location.

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