How to Protect Your Car From Road Salt During Winter Travel, According to an Auto Mechanic

His biggest tip: "If it can't get wet, it can't rust."

As the U.S. prepares for heavy snow and freezing temperatures, with more than 100 million Americans under winter storm warnings, road salt and liquid brine become more necessary than ever to ensure everyone arrives to their holiday destinations safely.

But mechanics are warning drivers about the damage it can cause to car, and is urging car owners to protect the metal on their vehicles against corrosion.

Pat’s Autobody Shop in Wausau, Wisconsin, is no stranger to winter weather. They recommend getting an undercoating, which will give the car a protective measure against snow melting chemicals.

"The undercoating and rust proofing gives you an added layer of protection there that actually has a chemical in it that will soak into the pores of the metal and make it wick water,” said Andy Grundman, the body shop’s manager.

The treatment will cause the metal to become more resistant to water.

“If you can’t get it wet, it can’t rust,” Grundman said.

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