How Yogurt CEO Mika Manninen Remains a Frequent Flyer During Coronavirus Pandemic

Yogurt CEO Mika Manninen shares how he stays safe as a frequent flyer during coronavirus pandemic.

Yogurt CEO Mika Manninen has safely flown more than 40 times during the coronavirus pandemic and he has shared his strict disinfecting routine with Inside Edition. The head of Hälsa Foods, who lives in Florida, spends a great deal of time in the air, and has managed to stay COVID-free, thanks to his stringent regimen.

"I've been home less than 15 nights" since the epidemic set in, Manninen told Inside Edition. "I'm surprised my wife hasn't changed locks yet."

His protocol includes multiple pairs of disposable gloves, which he discards as he makes his way through an airport, searching for an uncrowded boarding area, then wiping down a seat in the waiting room.

Once on board, the 52-year-old goes into cleaning mode again. He wipes the seat, the arm rests, the tray table, air vents, the seat belt and the head rest. Then he gets out his laptop, and a fresh set of gloves.

He also avoids eating at the airport on his travels and limits his intake of liquids so he doesn't have to use the lavatory.

In his hotel room, he repeats the cleaning process, including light switches, door handles and table surfaces.

He's been lucky, he says, to avoid infection despite recently completing his 44th flight.

"You do all you can, then just hope and pray at the end," he said.