Hundreds of Dog Deaths and Illnesses May Be Linked to Midwestern Brand Dog Food, FDA Says

Dog eating foodDog eating food
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The FDA says it has given the Indiana-based company 15 days to submit a plan to rectify their federal violations.

Midwestern Dog Food is possibly linked to illness and death in hundreds of dogs, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Potential connections were found between the brand’s products and the deaths of 130 dogs and illnesses in 220 others, authorities said.

The FDA issued a warning letter to Midwestern Pet Foods regarding their "apparent violations" of federal law, giving them 15 days to respond with a plan to address any possible violations. 

The federal agency shared that a previous inspection found that one Midwestern brand, Sportmix, had high levels of aflatoxin, or toxic mold, according to CBS News.

This led to a recall of the product in January. 

The Indiana-based company issued an additional voluntary recall in March, when salmonella was suspected to be linked to their products.

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