Hungry Dog Snatches Pancakes From Stove, Accidentally Setting Fire in Home

Canines causing fires inside a home is more common than you might think.

A mischievous golden retriever nearly caused a Massachusetts homeowner's worst nightmare when it set a fire in the kitchen while trying to steal pancakes that had been left on the stove.

Home security footage caught the canine in Southwick as it accidentally turned on a burner, causing flames to erupt from the stove.

Thick smoke engulfed the house, but two dogs inside did not seem to care, eventually making their way to a sofa. 

Police officers eventually showed up as the home's smoke alarms blared.

The Southwick Fire Department posted the video on Facebook to serve as a reminder to those with pets and children to put safety covers on the burner knobs. 

Dogs turning into accidental arsonists are more common than one would imagine. 

Pets actually cause up to 1,000 fires each year, according to The National Fire Protection Association.

In one instance, a dog named Brookfield sniffed around pizza boxes left on the stove and accidentally turned on the burner. The boxes then caught fire. 

Fortunately, Gary LeClerc stumbled on the blaze before it engulfed his Connecticut home.

“We never even thought that could happen," he told Inside Edition. "It just doesn't cross people's minds."  

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber says a helpful tip is to take the knobs off the stove. “That way, you have a safer home.”