Hurricane Ida Leaves Louisianans Without Power, Water and Some in Need of Rescuing

From a wayward cow to women stuck in a car engulfed by water, rescue crews have their work cut out for them cleaning up Ida's mess.

Hurricane Ida dealt a devastating blow to the Bayou State as life-threatening floods washed away homes and parts of the state, including New Orleans, have been without power and cell phone service since Saturday.

A cow was stuck in a tree in St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and needed to be rescued.

The cow was dangling from the branches of a tree and workers from the Parish stood in waist deep water with a chainsaw to cut her free from the tree.

A video from a different part of the state showed a cop in Pascagoula wading through water to help a driver and passenger whose car was submerged in water.

The officer stood on the hood of the car and gave instructions on how to safely get out.

“Public Safety comes in many forms....and sometimes you have to make a few waves. Officer Collier dived right in and begin to rescue citizens that were trapped in their vehicle when Hurricane Ida brought some serious flash flooding to our city,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

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