Husky Covers Soldier Owner With Wet Kisses As He Returns Home From Duty

Sam Cox, 27, was away for service in Nigeria.

For this lovable husky, this service member is dog’s best friend.

Jax, a 1-year-old husky, is seen greeting his owner, Sam Cox, 27, with wet kisses as he returned home from duty in a heartwarming video of the reunion. 

Cox, of London, has been in the Royal Anglian Regiment for nine years and was recently away in Nigeria to train the country’s army.

“It was so lovely to see him cuddling and rubbing against Sam because he had missed him so much,” his girlfriend Sandra Pettersen, 22, told Caters News. “Jax can be really funny when he goes away. He will sit close to me all the time and even sleeps on his side of the bed, which he never does.”

Pettersen, a student at the University of Westminster, said they had always known they wanted to adopt a husky and when they met Jax, they fell in love.

Since then, the trio has been inseparable. The pup even follows the couple on vacations and has his own Instagram account to document his life.

"He is such a happy and friendly dog and loves to greet anyone that comes to the door,” Pettersen explained. "He is very energetic and loves going for walks and hikes with Sam, they are like best friends."