Idaho Classmates Create Bake Sale to Raise Funds for 'Marvelous Maddie's' Battle With Stage IV Cancer

Idaho classmates put together bake sale for classmate Maddie, 10, who is battling Stage IV cancer.

After seven years of remission, Maddie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, in April 2021. 

A bake sale is taking place on Tuesday at a charter school in Idaho to raise money for a 10-year-old, known by her friends and the community, as “Marvelous Maddie.” 

The bake sale was created by a group of Idaho students who wanted to help raise the spirits of one of their classmates at North Star Charter School.

Jerrod Newburn is the organizer of the campaign. He is hoping to raise some serious money. “If I could, to be honest, a million dollars,” Newburn told CBS News station KBOI during an interview. 

After seven years of remission, Maddie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in April 2021. 

A Wilms tumor returned on her left kidney, which spread up her inferior vena-cava and had also metastasized to her liver, according to a GoFundMe page raising money for the little girl.

As loved ones explained, “things moved very quickly.” Maddie started intense chemotherapy to stop cancer from spreading and spent three weeks in the hospital. She recently underwent an aggressive 13-hour surgery to remove what remained of her left kidney, a 7-inch tumor that had grown on her left kidney, half of her liver, as well as the tumor in her inferior vena cava," according to the campaign page.

Once she is fully recovered from surgery, her next steps are to resume chemo and undergo radiation treatment. Despite her battle, she continues to “smile and keep a positive attitude," loved ones said.

“She has definitely had some really hard days but she has been so incredibly strong and we are so proud of her. All of her friends, family, and others that care about her reaching out and sharing well wishes and encouragement has been a big part of that,” the campaign said.

Jerrod’s mother, Jessica Newburn, said they are hoping to raise at least $1,000, People reported.

”I'm just hoping the community can rally around this family and show them they are not in this alone and we care,” Newburn said. "We love Maddie and we just think they are amazing people."

As of Friday the GoFundMe fundraiser has raised nearly $4,000 of their goal of $10,000.

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