Stage 4 Cancer Patient in Texas Receives a Visit From a Flamingo Named Mango

75-year-old Peggy Garrison is in the final stages of cancer, but has had love for flamingos her whole life.

Peggy Garrison, a Texas hospice patient, recently got a unique visitor. She loves flamingos, and she’s paid homage to the majestic animals with the 158 trinkets and decorations she’s collected throughout her life. 

Now that the 75-year-old is in the final stages of cancer, a flamingo named Mango paid her a visit from the San Antonio Zoo. 

According to her daughter, Peggy hasn’t been speaking or smiling much lately, but when Mango showed up, her feelings were visible.

"Seeing the surprise and the emotion on her face, I think it's making an impact for sure," Amy Doezema, Peggy’s daughter, said.

"The thing that's most beautiful is to see them flock. When they open their wings," Peggy added.

The San Antonio Zoo said it was happy to allow Mango to meet Peggy to honor the life she spent loving these animals. 

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