University of Idaho Murders: Web Sleuths Are Hampering Investigation Into Killings, Police Captain Says

Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Citizen sleuths say they are tired of waiting for answer after four weeks as the local police captain says these theories hinder the investigation.

It has been a month since four University of Idaho students were found brutally murdered in their home near the school's campus, and there are still many questions but few answers.

The lack of developments coupled with the high profile nature of the investigation has now resulted in hundreds of amateur investigators and sleuths trying to determine who murdered Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin.

There are currently more than 200 true crime podcasters doing their own investigations. Some of those citizen sleuths have provided police with potentially crucial evidence, like California homicide detective and podcast host Chris McDonough.

"I actually found a glove," he tells inside Edition. "I pointed it out to the officer who was there securing the scene and they came and collected it."

He adds: "Obviously they didn't know about it." 

Officers with the Moscow Police Department are less excited about the increase in calls, attention and misinformation they now have to contend with while trying to locate a suspect.

Captain Roger Lanier urges anyone with questions to look at past news releases distributed by his department, and trust nothing else.

“Tracking down rumors and quelling rumors about specific individuals or specific events that may or may not have happened is a huge distraction for investigators and oftentimes is the result of social media propagation,” Lanier says. “It is very, very frustrating to investigators and hard to stay on track.”

Very little information that has been made public, but authorities have assured the public that the case has not gone cold.

The lack of information, however, is a source of frustration for those interested in the case. 

"They don't tell us what is going on. So we have to turn to the internet and turn to one another to find out what is going on," podcaster Lauren Mathias tells Inside Edition.

The coroner determined that a large military-grade knife was used to kill all four students. Police have yet to name a suspect or find the weapon used in the attacks.

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