Iguana Injured in Brawl Can't Get Surgery Because She's in Protective Custody: Reports

File photo of an iguana
Getty Images

The iguana is missing part of its tail and has a leg fracture.

An iguana that was injured in a bizarre restaurant brawl can't get the treatment he needs — because he's in police protective custody.

The lizard reportedly got hurt last month when a man dining in an Ohio restaurant got a little unruly. He allegedly pulled the iguana from under his shirt, swung it around his head and threw it at the manager. 

The creature is now missing part of its tail and has a leg fracture. The iguana also suffers from a bone disease, an unrelated ailment.

But because it's being held in protective custody by the Painesville Police Department, which nicknamed it Cooper, it can't be treated for its injuries. The Lake Humane Society is advocating for its release.

“We are awaiting permission to perform the surgery Copper requires as a result of her injuries. Once we receive approval from the courts, we will get Copper the care she needs," the humane society said in a statement.

The surgery is expected to cost $1,600, and the human society is raising money to cover the bill.

“We need your help to give this innocent reptile a second chance at life,” the humane society added.