In 1979, the New York City Transit Authority Was Successfully Robbed: How This Subway Heist Was Pulled Off

Inside Edition Digital journalist Sal Bono investigated and learned about this clever crime, and it was highlighted on The Breakdown, where the story behind the story is told.

In the summer of 1979, $600,000 went missing from the vaults of New York City’s Transit Authority headquarters on J Street in downtown Brooklyn. It seemed like the kind of crime that would make headlines.

At the time, the Daily News did a big piece on it. But other than that, It went virtually unnoticed.

Inside Edition Digital journalist Sal Bono learned of the story and began investigating how it was pulled off. The story was highlighted on The Breakdown.

He spoke to Andreus Barberg, an MTA historian, Richard Edmonds, a New York Daily News journalist, and George Arzt, former Mayor Ed Koch's press secretary.

Through intense research and interviews, Sal learned about money, mismanagement, and every New Yorker's favorite thing to dislike: the transit system.

He also took a look at this real-life “Money Train” and tells why the robbery, which remains unsolved, may have been "The Perfect Crime."

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