Indiana State Police Continue Investigation of Unidentified Boy Found Dead Inside Suitcase

Las Vegas Suitcase
Indiana State Police

The state police are leading the investigation and are hoping to find people with first-hand knowledge and details on the young boy's death.

Indiana State Police detectives are leading the ongoing investigation to find the identity of the young boy found dead in a suitcase last month.

On April 16, a man local to Indiana out hunting for mushrooms discovered the suitcase and called 911, according to the agency.

According to a statement from the Indiana State Police, the child's body was found inside a hard-shell suitcase with a "distinctive Las Vegas design on its front and back." 

Investigators shared the image of the suitcase, hoping it will lead to tips that can help them identify the child, according to CNN.

The boy was described as a Black male, about 4 feet tall with a slim build and a short haircut. He’s assumed to have been around 5 years old, according to the local outlet.

Officials suspect he died within a week of being placed in the suitcase. 

Investigators are searching for additional details, and Sgt. Carey Huls with the Indiana State Police told local outlet Wave3 that the investigation is not "precluding anything," saying that the child "could be from any part of the world as far as we're concerned.

Huls told CNN, "unless we can determine that releasing information is going to help the investigation instead of hinder it, that's what we have to go by at this point." Because of this, officials aren’t releasing any sketches or additional identifying information to the public.

"We are getting a lot of people on the internet searching for missing children, which is not what we need right now," Huls told CNN. 

"We have contact with all of those agencies and we are always checking that. We don't have a match there." 

According to Huls, police anticipate that the child will not be listed on any registry — they are looking for people with first-hand knowledge leading to either the child's identification or details surrounding his death.

According to CNN, the autopsy conducted last month did not provide any answers to the child's cause of death. Huls told the outlet that police are hopeful that the pending toxicology report will offer more information and "hopefully lead us in a direction to solve this.”

The department established a toll-free tip line for the case, which has received between 500 and 1,000 calls, according to CNN. 

Anyone with information that could help identify the boy is urged to call the toll-free tip number at 1-888-437-6432.

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