Influencer Fat-Shamed On Camera While Working Out at the Gym

Bethy Red, 24, was recording a workout video when a woman questioned what she was doing. After she was told, the woman laughed in Bethy's face, she told Inside Edition.

Social media influencer Bethy Red caught the moment she was fat-shamed at the gym while recording a workout video.

In the video clip, which went viral on TikTok, a woman can be heard questioning Bethy, 24, about what she is doing, saying: “Girl, what are you doing? Are you taking videos of yourself?”

Bethy, who has 500,000 social media followers, replied “yes,” and the woman answered, “Well, why?” and later continued “for your own documentation or what?”

The woman ended the exchange, saying “Well, have fun,” and Bethy told Inside Edition that the stranger then “laughed in her face.”

“There’s no reason to make fun of you, especially for your looks,” Bethy told Inside Edition. “Just a small laugh like that can hurt people and people don’t stand for that anymore.”

Many on TikTok, where Bethy posted the video, expressed support for her.

The moment is reminding some of a previous incident when Dani Mathers body-shamed a woman in the gym locker room and snapped a photo of her naked, with the caption “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

The photo went viral.

Mathers later apologized and said she meant to send the photo to one friend and accidentally sent it to all of her Snapchat followers.

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