Inside Dirty Super Bowl Hotel Rooms Where Inside Edition Found Roaches, Toenail Clippings and Even a Peephole

Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero visited hotels around Atlanta charging astronomical sums for a room to see what you might be paying for.

Ahead of Sunday's big game, Inside Edition visited hotels around Atlanta charging astronomical sums for a room to see what you might be paying for.

Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero went to the Quality Inn Atlanta Airport Central, where she found hairs among the sheets and a discarded chicken bone under the bed in a room going for $560 a night, over seven times the regular rate. When asked about the gross finds, a housekeeping manager said she was new to the hotel but would take care of the issues immediately.

At a Knights Inn located on Fulton Industrial Boulevard where rooms for the Super Bowl cost triple their normal price, Guerrero found a cockroach, broken furniture, a busted wall and even mold in the mini-fridge. "Yuck," she exclaimed. 

But those discoveries were just the beginning. Where the cable wires for a television came out of the wall, Guerrero pointed out a rag shoved in the wall. When she pulled it out, she could see straight through to the room next door. 

"I mean, I can literally see right into their bed," Guerrero said. "This is unbelievable!"

And over at a Red Roof Inn located on Frederick Drive Southwest, Guerrero spotted a trio of live roaches hanging out on the ceiling of one room. The regular rate for rooms at the hotel is just $69, but for the Super Bowl, the hotel was charging $800. The lamp in the room didn't even have a shade. 

"This place is really grim," Guerrero said. 

When she pulled back the bed, she found the top of a pot and some Paris Hilton perfume oil. And when an Inside Edition producer laid down on the pullout bed, the springs gave way.

"Even the bugs don't like it here," Guerrero quipped. "This one's trying to get out," she added, pointing to an insect crawling near the window. 

A spokesperson for the Red Roof Inn told Inside Edition that the property in question is independently owned and managed, and does not represent the high quality of the Red Roof brand. The spokesperson said they are working with the owner to fix the issues, including complete room renovations. 

A manager for the Knights Inn said he was aware of the problems, which they've been fighting to clean up on a daily basis because the hotel is undergoing renovations. 

In a statement to Inside Edition, a representative for Choice Hotels, the corporate owners of Quality Inn, said the property is independently owned and operated and the owners are working to ensure other guests will not have a similar experience.