Inside Edition's Deborah Norville Hosted Pageant in 2000 When Senator Katie Britt Was a Contestant

“Katie was definitely one of the shining stars of the program,” Utah’s Jesika Henderson, who won the 2000 pageant, tells Inside Edition.

When Alabama Senator Katie Britt gave her much-lampooned GOP response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union, it was many people's first time they had heard of her. But, it turns out Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville met her more than 20 years ago when Britt was in a pageant Norville emceed.

The senator was first in the national spotlight 24 years ago as a contestant on America’s Junior Miss Pageant. Before the senator was married, her name was Katie Boyd.

Britt’s talent was jazz acrobatic dance and won the talent competition.

Britt gave hints of her conservative beliefs during the interview portion of the competition when Norville, a former Junior Miss Pageant contestant herself, asked if music lyrics should be censored or if that should be left alone as a First Amendment issue.

“I personally think it should be censored, any movie you got you have to censor so I think music should as well,” Britt responded.

Britt came in second overall.

Utah’s Jesika Henderson took the crown.

“Katie was definitely one of the shining stars of the program,” Henderson tells Inside Edition. “It’s been kind of fun to just watch her succeed and shine and be a great voice and example for other mothers and women in our country.”

Britt is the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the Senate and the first woman to serve as a senator from Alabama.

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