Inside Edition's Megan Alexander Celebrates New Book Inspired by Son

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Inside Edition correspondent Megan Alexander has two new job titles to add to her resume: author and singer!

Megan wrote a book called "One More Hug," inspired by sweet moments she has with her son.

"I wrote this book 'One More Hug' because my oldest son Chace, as he was getting on the school bus, would run back to me, several times, for one more hug," she said. "He just needed a little more reassurance, as he left his mama."

But the story is about more than a physical embrace.

"And it got me thinking about the need for little boys to have a safe place to express their feelings and know that its always OK to ask for more encouragement," Megan said.

She also wrote and recorded an original song to go with the book. It's called "One More" and even has a music video.

"One More Hug" is out now. Read an excerpt here.


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