Instagram Couple Kelly and Kody Defend Death-Defying Photos

The pair have been criticized for their seemingly dangerous pictures.

Instagrammers Kelly Castille and Kody Workman are facing intense scrutiny for their death-defying photos, leading some to wonder just how far is too far to go for the perfect snap. 

One image in particular has attracted a lot of attention recently, showing Castille hanging off the edge of an infinity pool in Bali, Indonesia, while Workman holds her. 

Online, the pair were slammed for the photo.

"Just so incredibly stupid," read one comment.

"Will you also take a picture when she falls to her death?" said another.

But they insist they were perfectly safe. 

"There's a lip on the side where my hands were so I had a good grip on that," Castille told Inside Edition.

"I had a good grip on her as well. If you zoom in on the photo you can see the hold that I have on her arm," added Workman.