Instead of Getting Mad at Noisy Neighbor, New Jersey Woman Bakes Him a Cake

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A woman had some choice words for her noisy New Jersey neighbor when he kept waking her up in the middle of the night blasting his music. She wrote him a letter, then baked him a cake.

Candice Benbow posted the note on Twitter, saying that she has come to expect his loud playlists-- catching a vibe to throwback songs, and even appreciating new tracks she didn’t know.

That all came to a screeching halt last week, when Benbow hit her breaking point in the middle of the night.Simply put, “ tried it. You really, really did,” Benbow wrote.

Then, a timeline.

“At 3:26, I couldn’t tell if you were playing some uptempo hits from The Weeknd or you pushed shuffle on some house/techno. Either way, I could’ve done without that part of the set.” Benbow continued.

“At 3:47 I decided it was much more advantageous to reflect on your musical tastes and eat potato chips than try to sleep.”

Benbow took it one step further. Instead of getting irate, she did just the opposite, and baked her neighbor a pound cake. “At 3:30, when I decided to bake it for you, I realized I was taking your feelings into much more consideration than you were taking mine.”

Subsequent tweets illustrate the rest of the picture.

Benbow fielded questions about why she didn’t just speak to her neighbor whom she hadn’t met face to face yet, or why she didn’t call 911.  She gave two different answers with one common theme-- safety. “Ultimately as a single woman, I gotta be mindful how I navigate tense situations. I have to live here, too.”

A couple of days later, Benbow revealed that her neighbor not only took the cake, but introduced himself. As it turns out, she’d been living next to a music video producer named Tommy Amaro.


“It was just beautiful because if it was another neighbor, they would’ve at least tried to call the cops on me, try to knock me out and this was like, it was cool," Amaro told

Both new to the area, she found out Tommy was mourning the loss of his daughter, who passed away earlier this year in a car accident. Benbow revealed she understood the gravity of losing such a close loved one, with the recent death of her own mother.

“We met and began to talk about his first Christmas without his daughter. I remember a few years ago, my mom passed. And so it was this really beautiful moment. One, you never know what people are going through,”  Benbow said.

Candice says the encounter is a reminder that in this, and every season, it’s important to lead with grace and kindness.


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