Is ‘Down the Hill’ Audio Able to Be Analyzed for Similarities to Man Officials Are Reportedly Investigating?

Inside Edition spoke to a forensic expert who says the clip is too short for him to compare with the voice of James Chadwell. Delphi investigators are reportedly looking into Chadwell, who was recently charged with attempted murder of a 9-year-old.

They’re the most shocking clues in the 2017 murders of two teen girls from Delphi, Indiana: haunting video showing the prime suspect walking down a bridge and saying, “Guys, down the hill.” Investigators say 14-year-old Libby German recorded the video before she and her best friend Abby Williams were murdered and left in the woods.

Inside Edition asked a top forensic audio expert to compare the mystery voice with that of James Chadwell, who faces charges of kidnapping and attempted murder of a 9-year-old girl just 20 miles from Delphi.

Investigators are reportedly looking into Chadwell in connection with the Delphi case.

Chadwell’s voice can be heard in videos posted to his social media, including one where he’s training his pitbull to chase cats and another of him designing a tattoo of a woman being attacked by a demon in a tree.

The recordings were analyzed by forensic audio expert Anthony Nelson at the Garrett Discovery Audio Lab in Orlando, Florida, but he said the “down the hill” audio file was “a little too short” for him to say if there were any similarities between the recordings.

“When you only have three seconds, it’s just not enough time to figure out those kinds of characteristics,” Nelson said.

Libby’s grandfather told Inside Edition that investigators are “actively pursuing” Chadwell in connection with the Delphi slayings. But police caution against leaping to conclusions about Chadwell. Other potential persons of interest have been previously identified and later cleared.

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