Is Your Pet Training You to Be a Better Parent? Survey Finds 1 in 3 Americans Think So

Dog in bed
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The truth about cats and dogs is that they are members of the family.

One in three Americans believe that their pet will make them a better parent, according to a study from AskVet.

The survey revealed that cat and dog owners found that pet ownership comes with similar anxieties and expenses as parenting a child, People reported.

A typical pet owner spends $176 on initial supplies and adoption fees to bring their pet home and another $111 per month which, over 10 years, adds up  to $13,320, the survey said. Ten years is the average lifespan of a dog or cat, according to People.

Of the 2,000 Americans surveyed, over 45% owners say they actively worry that their pet might get sick or hurt, while another 33% worry their pet may be unhappy, People reported. All of this sounds similar to a parent of a child.

One in three pet owners felt that their pets are a reflection of them as people, according to the survey from OnePoll and AskVet

In the same survey, 48% of pet owners think that taking care of their animal has made them a more responsible person.

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