Jamey Noel's Bail Hiked to $1.5 Million Cash, Judge Says Sheriff 'Flaunted' Luxuries at Taxpayer Expense

Jamey Noel
Jamey Noel now faces 31 felonies alleging official misconduct, theft, money laundering and corruption, according to authorities. Clark County Sheriff's Office

Former Indiana Sheriff Jamey Noel faces six more felonies in a massive corruption probe. On Tuesday, the special judge in his criminal case again chastised the disgraced sheriff in court.

Embattled former sheriff Jamey Noel now faces a staggering $1.5 million cash bond after six new felonies were filed against him in a massive Indiana criminal investigation alleging he purchased designer clothes, an airplane, luxury cars, college tuitions and a train with stolen taxpayer funds.

On Tuesday, Special Judge Larry Medlock ordered the new bail be set at 20 times the previous $75,000 cash bond he levied against Noel in November. Medlock also chastised Noel in open court — again — over his behavior. 

Noel was Clark County sheriff from 2015 to 2023 while simultaneously leading Utica Township Volunteer Fire Department, also known as New Chapel EMS. The Indiana native also served as chair of the local Republican Party and was very active in state GOP politics.

The new charges are five counts of theft and one count of money laundering, bringing the total number of felonies against Noel to 31. Those charges allege Noel, his wife and his eldest daughter used credit cards in the fire agency's name to purchase tanning services, clothes, Amazon goods, beauty appointments, cosmetics and luxury travel, according to state investigators.

Judge Medlock was already displeased with Noel before Tuesday's hearing began. In April, the judge yelled at Noel in court and slammed his gavel so hard it broke.

"You are not the law. You don't interpret the law. You don't enforce the law. You're not above the law," Medlock told the defendant, who was the top law enforcement officer in Clark County for seven years. "Take him into custody," Medlock told the bailiff.

Noel was sentenced to 60 days in jail, which he is still serving. Medlock ruled Noel was in contempt of court after state investigators found two handguns in Noel's home after the judge had ordered him to surrender all of his weapons, save for one shotgun. 

The judge repeated a warning he had given the former sheriff when his bail was set in November. "I told Mr. Noel, 'Don't do anything stupid. Do not try to deceive me or defy me. You will not like the consequences,'" the judge recounted as he sent Noel to jail for contempt..

On Tuesday, the judge reminded Noel of his words. "It didn't seem like you listened the first time," the judge told the defendant. "So I sentenced you to 60 days in contempt."

Between heavy sighs, Medlock sometimes raised his voice and appeared annoyed.

Citing court affidavits filed by state investigators and the special prosecutor's office, the judge told Noel, "You've had an airplane, a train that was hidden, a stable of luxury motor vehicles, a harem of women, at least three mansions, $3,000 suits, $800 belts, which you even had delivered.

"You still seem to think that the Utica Volunteer Fire Department's your personal piggy bank," the judge admonished the defendant. "All the while, every day, individuals are trying to survive, working paycheck to paycheck," he said. 

"You were out flaunting luxuries acquired allegedly at the expense of taxpayers," the judge said. "With all those luxuries, you should be able to post (bond) with no problems, with everything that you have."

Noel pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the six additional charges, and has pleaded not guilty to all of the earlier charges against him. Misty Noel, his wife, and Kasey Noel, their eldest daughter, have also pleaded not guilty.

The women are out on bail. 

Inside Edition Digital reached out to Jamey Noel's attorney Tuesday, but has not heard back.

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