Japanese Game Shows Might Be the Wildest Programs in Television History

They showcase the crazy things people will do for money and a moment on TV.

The wild and weird world of Japanese game shows may be the craziest thing on TV.

Japanese television is known for being physical and odd, and you never know what will happen next.

On one popular show, contestants chomp on objects like shoes and tables to see whether the item is candy. 

On another show, participants have 60 seconds to answer seven questions to avoid being turned into a mummy. 
On Slippery Staircase, six contestants are dressed in colorful latex onesies and battle to reach the prize at the top of a staircase, a task made difficult by the fact that it's coated with slime. 

The game show Vanishing Floor looks downright diabolical.

Contestants are precariously perched on planks above what looks like a deep dark pit. To win a prize of about $9,000, the contestants have to solve puzzles as the planks get smaller and smaller until, one-by-one, they fall into the abyss. 

On a hit variety show, there is a segment called “Silent Library,” where players draw cards. The unlucky contestant who picks the card with a skull and crossbones is subjected to torturous behavior that includes having their groin stepped on or having wasabi sprayed in their nose.

But all of the contestants need to be quiet, as they whole segment takes place in a library.

Silent Library was actually adopted by MTV in America in the early 2000s as a short-lived game show on the network.