Jessica Goodwin Found Alive on Indian Reservation After Disappearing Under 'Abnormal Circumstances,' Cops Say

Arizona woman Jessica Goodwin was found alive but in critical condition Sunday afternoon.
Arizona woman Jessica Goodwin was found alive but in critical condition Sunday afternoon.(Pinal County Sheriff's Office)

Loved ones said their first cause of concern was when the Arizona woman left without her dog and turned her phone off.

Missing Arizona woman Jessica Goodwin, whom authorities and loved ones agreed disappeared under mysterious circumstances, was found alive over the weekend. Investigators said they were able to trace phone records to an Indian Reservation outside of Phoenix, where they found the 28-year-old Sunday afternoon dehydrated and in critical condition.

She was airlifted to the hospital and as of Monday morning, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office announced that her health was improving. "This is the outcome we have all been hoping and praying for,” Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said in a statement on Twitter.  

Goodwin, of San Tan Valley, was last heard from nearly a week prior, on Monday January 11, when she called off work.

Close friend Chandler Stork told KSAZ that that was the first cause for concern. "If she does go somewhere to clear her mind, she’ll take her dog for sure. If she’s going to go for a drive, a 20- or 30-minute one, she’s going to bring her dog. If she goes out of town, she brings her dog. She never leaves her dog for longer than a night,” Stork said.

Stork and others tried to reach her on her phone, but it had been turned off. “She never just goes completely contactless,” Stork said.

Goodwin’s car was found days later, abandoned, damaged and near a car wash Thursday, and authorities said even though foul play was not suspected, “the location and manner in which the vehicle was found is suspicious in nature.”

Authorities are continuing to investigate her disappearance and anyone with more information can contact the sheriff’s office at 520-866-5111.