Jimmy John's Delivery Man Seems to Casually Put Mouth on Customer's Drink Before Dropping It Off

Homeowner Emily Brems said her security camera captured the moment.

A Jimmy John's delivery man appeared to casually press his mouth to the lid of a drink he was dropping off in a moment captured on a home security camera. 

In the footage, the man, who was not identified, can be seen holding the food in one arm outside a Chicago area home. Then, he looks down at a cup in his other hand and appears to put his mouth on the lid where the straw goes. 

Moments later, the door opens and he hands off the delivery. 

But thankfully, Emily Brems' 12-year-old son was watching and he warned his parents about what he'd seen.

"Our first instinct was like, 'Nobody eat anything, nobody touch anything,'" Brems told Inside Edition. "... Our biggest thought was, 'What if he's sick? What if he had something we could have caught?'"

In a statement, Jimmy John's said "the behavior seen in this video is not consistent with the standards we expect from our employees."