Deliveryman Stacks 6 Mattresses on the Roof of His Sports Car

Other motorists are wondering whether the practice is safe.

A mattress salesman without a pickup truck was determined to get his product to his customers one way or another.

Casey Day of Phoenix has been delivering mattresses piled high on his 2010 Dodge Challenger for the last year and a half.

“My roof looks like the Grand Canyon,” Day told KPHO. “My roof is terrible, it’s all dented in.”

Day, who owns Flylane Mattress Company, is often spotted zooming down the freeway with up to six mattresses securely attached to the top of his sports car.

“I’ve tested it out,” he reassured. “We go 65 [mph] on the freeway. I’ve never had a mattress fall, I’ve never almost had a mattress fall.”

He explained he used to deliver his products the old fashioned way – in the back of a pickup truck – until one of his delivery drivers got into an accident, totaling the truck.

Day decided it was the perfect excuse to get the sports car of his dreams, until he remembered he needed a truck to make a living.

“I don’t know if I was having a midlife crisis, but I decided I wanted one of these. I had always wanted a Challenger,” he said. “Shoot, I don’t have a truck and I got this and realized I still had to make a living, and I just threw [the mattresses] on top. I didn’t have a choice.”

But some motorists are voicing their concerns, saying that the practice seems unsafe.

“I think it’s crazy,” one said.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson Raul Garcia said there’s no indication as to whether the practice is illegal.

“There’s a lot of attention with this particular vehicle,” Garcia told KPHO. “We are going to leave that up for a law enforcement officer on the side of the road, or a state trooper in our case, to use their discretion.”

Day, however, insisted that what he was doing is safe.

“We respect everybody on the road,” he said. “This is safe. It might look nuts, but it’s no different than me having a pickup truck.”