Journalist Alleges Hollywood Foreign Press Association Members Are Given Perks to Sway Golden Globes

A Norwegian journalist who was denied membership to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association alleges in a lawsuit that its members are given perks to sway the outcome of the Golden Globe Awards. The HFPA denies the allegations.

A Norwegian journalist who was rejected as a member from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is accusing the organization of “corrupt and unlawful practices.” Kjersti Flaa alleges that members of HFPA, who choose Golden Globe Award nominations and winners, are given perks from movie studios to sway the results.

The HFPA consists of 87 journalists who cover the entertainment industry.

“It’s all about exchanging favors for each other,” Flaa said.

As first reported in the Los Angeles Times, Flaa says members are often given “coveted interview slots with...actors, invitation-only retreats with stars, and set visits around the world at no expense.”

“Of course it influences your vote when you get swag from the studios,” Flaa said.

In her lawsuit, the reporter claims the tiny organization bars qualified journalists from joining because it’s “'unwilling to share or dilute the enormous economic benefits they receive as members."

After being denied membership three times, Flaa sued the HFPA. A court dismissed her lawsuit, but said it would allow her to refile an amended complaint, which she has now done.

A spokesperson for the HFPA told Inside Edition, “None of these allegations has ever been proven in court or in any investigation. We are vigorously defending against them in a court of law. Needless to say, they are entirely false.”

The Golden Globes airs Sunday night, with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returning as co-hosts.