Kansas City Paradegoer Tries to Repair His Reputation After Being Seen in Cuffs, Cops Say He Was Not Gunman

“I just want everyone to know I had nothing to do with anything,” Denton Loudermill tells Inside Edition.

Many people were briefly detained during the chaos that followed the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade shooting, including a man who police now say had nothing to do with the shooting. Now, that man is trying to repair his reputation he says was tarnished and protect his family amid threats and criticism he says is undeserved. 

Images of Denton Loudermill being detained by police and led away in handcuffs were seen on social media after deadly gunfire erupted at the parade on Wednesday.

“I just want everyone to know I had nothing to do with anything,” Loudermill tells Inside Edition.

He and his attorney spoke with Inside Edition about what unfolded since being falsely labeled as one of the gunmen.

“Mr. Denton and his family have received death threats. There has been a lot of hatred and bigotry.” Lourdermill’s attorney says.

After images of Loudermill in handcuffs went viral on social media, many assumed he was the shooter, his lawyer says. Loudermill is a father of three and an avid Chiefs fan whose attorney acknowledges had too much to drink at the parade.

“When the officers came to clear the scene, Mr. Denton didn’t move fast enough for them so they detained him and put him on the curb in handcuffs,” Lourdermill’s attorney says.

Loudermill says he was distraught when he found out the image of him in handcuffs spread on social media and people accused him of being the shooter.

Lourdermill was detained for a few minutes and then released without being arrested.

Two juveniles remain in custody and are awaiting formal charges. Kansas City police say no one who is believed to have been involved in the shooting has been released.

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