Kansas Police Return Wallet to Man That He Lost About 50 Years Ago

Lost Wallet
Facebook - Great Bend Police Department

Better late than never. The man revealed he lost the wallet in the early 70s.

Most of the time, when someone loses a wallet or valuable item, it's never to be returned. But one Kansas man proved to be very lucky.

"It's not every day we have fun stories like this, we have to share..." the Great Bend Police Department wrote on Facebook.

They revealed that they had someone turn in a lost wallet to them, and the wallet was about 50 years old.

"It contained several items, to include a social security card and a driver's license that expired in 1974," they noted.

They tracked down the owner from Lawrence, Kansas, and he informed them that he lost the wallet in the early 70s. It's now back In his possession, better late than never.

"He was tickled and shared with us that he made the wallet himself. What a great story and it made us smile!" they lastly added.

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