Keaton Jones' Mom Responds to Criticism Over Confederate Flag Photos: 'I Can't Take It Back'

Kimberly Jones also claims she has nothing to do with a GoFundMe page that has raised $58,000 for her son.

The mother of the bullied schoolkid whose tearful pleas broke so many hearts across America has been the subject of backlash herself, as she's been called out over photos with the Confederate flag.

Kimberly Jones is being called out over photos showing her posing with the Confederate flag, but she insists she is not racist.

"I can’t take it back," Kimberly Jones told Inside Edition. "If I could I would. At the time I posted it, I didn’t know anyone would ever see it. Now, I am sorry. I am sorry."

Keaton even apologized for his mom on Twitter after the outcry. 

“I love my mother but I also realize wrong is wrong," the 11-year-old wrote. "I hope we can put all her mistakes in the past and focus on bettering the world."

Kimberly also claims she had nothing to do with a GoFundMe page that has already raised $58,000. The campaign was put on hold.

Keaton has gone through several surgeries in his young life to remove disfiguring tumors, and his scars are ammunition for bullies. 

“They pour milk on me and put ham down my clothes and throw food at me,” he told Inside Edition. “That was more of a one-time thing, but they call me names all the time.” 

The pre-teen said he made the video in an effort “to inspire people” who are bullied and let them know “it’s going to get better.” 

As for his mom, she hopes the firestorm surrounding her won't diminish her son's message.

"I hope that the world can see the good in him and change the world for the better," she told Inside Edition.