Kentucky Father's Trick for Doing His 2-Year-Old Daughter's Hair Involves Airplanes and 'Frozen'

Kenleigh used to hate getting her hair done — until her father came up with a fun trick.

A Kentucky father has come up with an ingenious trick to giving his daughter the perfect high pony tail. 

Two-year-old Kenleigh Herren's hair is long enough that it hangs into her eyes sometimes, but when her parents try to pull it up, she throws tantrums. 

Enter dad Zach Herren's crafty solution.

"One day I was doing the airplane on the ground and I just see all her hair hanging down and ... I told [my wife] Kayla to get me a rubber band," Herren told

Kenleigh happily let her dad wrangle her strands into an updo as he belted out "Let It Go" from "Frozen."

The next time Herren used his feet to hold Kenleigh aloft above his stomach, with her head hanging down, Kayla decided to record it. 

Since then, the "airplane hair-do," as they call it, has become such a household hit, it's become part of the family's daily routine.

"I'm gonna have to start, uh, getting back in the gym as she gets bigger I guess!" he said.