Barber Describes What It's Like to Give President Trump a Haircut: 'He Likes to Be in Control'

Adrian Wood cut the president's hair for 20 years at his shop in Manhattan.

While President Trump's hair remains a topic of fascination, his former barber is revealing what it was like to care for the commander in chief's coiffure.

Adrian Wood told Inside Edition that Trump is "very specific" about his hair is trimmed. 

“He'll say, 'Cut here, cut here, cut here,’ and you'd start trimming and he'd say, ‘Oh, that's enough there.’ Then you'd go here and, ‘Oh, that's enough there,’ and that's the way it is with him," Wood said.

Gesturing to the top of the head, Wood added, "We never cut this part of his head. This part of his head, he takes care of himself."

He said that the president's bald spot is of particular concern.

"In order to cover that up, it takes a lot of work," Wood said. "You really have to know what you're doing."

A photo of Trump sitting in the barbershop chair and posing with the cast of season 1 of "The Apprentice" still hangs on Wood's wall.

Long-time customers actually get their own mug with their name on it at Wood’s shop, including Trump. 

Wood says Trump was so appreciative of his haircuts he once gave the barber some real estate advice.

"Donald Trump said to me, 'You better get off the avenues because the rents are gonna put you out of business,'" he recalled, adding that the real estate mogul told him to move to the second floor.  

Wood took his advice and moved his business to the second floor of the building. 

"If it wasn't for Donald Trump, I would not be in business," he said. "I can tell you that." 

The news of Trump’s hair comes as the glowing medical report his doctor gave during the campaign trail was actually dictated by the real estate mogul himself, according his former doctor. 

Dr. Harold Bornstein said in 2016 that Trump's lab test results were described as "astonishingly excellent,” his physical strength and stamina “extraordinary,” and “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency!"

Dr. Bornstein told NBC and also told a CNN reporter off camera that Trump dictated the whole letter and he didn't write it. 

Dr. Oz gave his take on the letter to Inside Edition. 

“I've never been dictated a letter,” he said. “Doctors write letters that sound like doctor letters because we have shorthand to express certain things. There is a subtle difference. I don’t know if there are legal implications, as long as the letter is truthful."

Dr. Bornstein is speaking out because he says he's upset that the president sent three men to his offices to collect Trump's medical records. The "raid" came two days after the doctor revealed to The New York Times that the then-presidential candidate took the hair growth drug Propecia.

“I couldn't believe anybody was making a big deal about a drug to grow their hair, which is certainly not important,” Dr. Bornstein told NBC News. “It's certainly not a breach of medical ethics to say someone takes Propecia to grow their hair. What’s the matter with that?”

But according to Dr. Oz, that is wrong. 

“Doctors aren’t supposed to talk to anybody about their patients, especially mentioning medication," he told Inside Edition. "It is a violation. It's unfortunate. Sometimes patients themselves will bring it up or they will authorize the doctor to talk about it but other than that, you're not allowed to bring it up.” 

Dr. Bornstein says he was in the running to become the White House doctor but after he blabbed about the Propecia, he got an angry call from Trump’s assistant saying he was no longer under consideration.