KFC Will Now Offer Plant-Based Fried Chicken

There are 23,000 KFC restaurants in 140 countries. 
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Restaurants across the country will now offer the new chicken, which was created by Beyond Meat.

KFC is expanding and soon they’ll be offering plant-based fried chicken for vegetarians. It is the franchise’s first-ever plant-based meal combo.

Starting Monday, customers will be able to try KFC's new Beyond Fried Chicken, which was developed by Beyond Meat exclusively for KFC.

KFC hopes to maintain the taste, flavor, and juiciness of their famous fried chicken, sans the actual chicken.

"The mission from day one was simple – make the world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken from plants," said president of KFC U.S. Kevin Hochman. "And now over two years later we can say, 'mission accomplished.'"

Although it is plant-based chicken, the company said it will be cooked in the same fryer with regular meat and therefore they can’t guarantee there won’t be cross-contamination.

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