Labor Day Holiday Will Prompt COVID-19 Spike If Guidelines Are Ignored, Health Officials Warn

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You've heard the warnings: avoid possible "super spreader" events this Labor Day weekend. And health officials are sounding the alarm that if guidelines are ignored, there could be a spike in COVID-19 cases in two weeks, similar to what happened after the Memorial Day and July Fourth holidays. 

Despite the pandemic, an estimated 42.5 million people will still hit the road to commemorate the traditional end of summer celebration—not as busy as past years, but still a very large number.

This year, Tampa is the number one destination in America. 

"We're expecting just under a million booked passengers on airlines alone coming to the Tampa Bay area," Jay Wolfson, Professor of Public Health at University of South Florida, told Inside Edition. 

Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando are close behind. 

"The Central Florida area are always desirable locations because you've got Disney, fabulous beaches and the weather is great if you're looking to have a good time," Wolfson said.

In Miami, the beaches will reopen for the first major holiday weekend this year.

The annual state fair in South Dakota will continue as planned, despite calls for its cancellation.

"We are not -- and WILL not -- be the subjects of an elite class of so-called experts," Governor Kristi Noem tweeted.

The State Fair comes on the heels of a massive motorcycle rally in Sturgis that left hundreds infected with COVID-19.

"I'm pretty worried about a post-Labor Day spike if a lot of people do not act responsibly and if policy makers don't act responsibly, we could really see a big spike as we head into the fall," Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, told Inside Edition.

Thousands of college students are also heading home after coronavirus outbreaks on their campuses. There is growing concern that they could spread the virus to their parents and siblings. One recent video showed a packed bar at the University of South Carolina. 

"It's one of the last weekends we have of the summer, sort of the official end of summer. It's totally fine to be outside, manage some amount of social distance, wear that mask, but you really can still enjoy the weekend and be safe," Jha said.


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