LAPD Volunteer Attacked by Angry Bees After Responding to Call About Swarm Terrorizing Neighborhood

The volunteer was treated at the scene before being taken to a nearby hospital.

A scene out of a horror movie played out on live TV in Encino, California, as a volunteer working with the LAPD responding to a call from a neighborhood being terrorized by angry bees was swarmed by the bees himself.

Minutes went by as he desperately tried to swat them away, but the bees’ dizzying assault on the man escalated.

The awful situation was captured on helicopter cameras who were flying nearby.

The number of bees were so abundant that neighbors were told to shelter in place.  

Finally, a hero bee remover who saw the reports on the news arrived on scene and suited up for battle.

“The minute I arrived, the bees were attacking the windshield… I couldn’t believe it,” Izak Kharrazi of All Valley Honey & Bee tells Inside Edition.

He said he had no choice but to spray and kill the bees.

“I don’t know why they were this angry but they [were] ready to attack you and kill you,” he says.

He says something must have agitated the bees that had built a hive at an Encino home.

The volunteer was treated at the scene before being taken to a nearby hospital. As of Thursday, a GoFundMe campaign created for him had raised more than $15,000. The campaign is intended to pay for his medical expenses, medical care after leaving the hospital, damages to his uniform and equipment caused by the attack, any legal expenses he incurs and possibly to benefit other LAPD volunteers, his son wrote. 

"While his job gets a lot of praise, we recently found out he'll be on the hook for his own medical expenses through Medicare, since volunteers are not considered city employees... So we're hoping those out there that have any ties to or have been helped by these community officers, or even just want to keep them around and help protect them from harm’s way, can donate to get Gary back on his feet as soon as possible," his son wrote.

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