Larry King Remembers Stroke That Left Him in Coma: 'I Wanted to Die'

Larry King talks to Inside Edition about his health, divorce and current projects.

Talk show host Larry King has revealed he "wanted to die" after a near fatal stroke that put him in a coma.

In an exclusive interview with Inside Edition Chief Correspondent Jim Moret, King recalled the aftermath of the terrifying ordeal from last March. He now uses a wheelchair due to nerve damage in his foot, which prompted him to ask his doctor how he could end his life. 

"I was 85 years old," King said. "I had accomplished everything in life and they just tell me I won't have a left foot."

But a tearful plea from his son Chance ultimately changed his mind.

"He started to cry," King said. "I hadn't seen him cry since he was 3 years old. He said, 'You can't leave.'" 

The experience also caused him to take stock of his life and divorce his wife Shawn. They had been together for 22 years. 

"The marriage had a lot of ups and downs, and the ups were terrific until they were exceeded by the downs," King said.

King said the couple "didn't get along" on things like child-rearing and religion, and that their 26-year age gap began to take its toll. Rumors of infidelity by both of them also plagued the last decade of their marriage, although each have denied the claims. 

"I wish it would have worked out," King said. "It's nice to come home to a loving home." 

It's been nearly a decade since "Larry King Live" ended after its 25-year run on CNN. King said he misses being on live TV every night, but he's still around "trying to stay relevant" with his Hulu shows "Larry King Now" and "Politicking With Larry King." 

King said he is learning to walk with a cane and hopes to be back on his feet very soon.