Larry King’s Estranged Wife to Contest His Secret Will That She Was Left Out Of

Larry King
Inside Edition

Larry King’s estranged wife claims she was blindsided by his handwritten will drafted in secret by the legendary TV host, who died in early January. Now she’s taking her fight to court.

In a legal document objecting to the will filed Tuesday, Shawn King claims she recently found out that her husband had a "secret account through which Larry would make gifts to various individuals," including more than $266,000 to Larry King Jr., his son from a previous marriage.

Shawn wants to recover some or all of that money. She also objects to a petition filed by Larry King Jr. in which he asked to be appointed a special administrator of the handwritten will and that it be admitted into probate.

An attorney for Larry King Jr. told Inside Edition, “The will...reflects Larry’s intent to share his estate equally among his children. We have no comment as to Shawn’s objections.”

Larry King’s scrawled last will and testament was made public last week. In it, Shawn King is not included, with the funds to be divided equally among his children.

Shawn was quoted as saying she believes someone pressured Larry King to write up the new will. She says her lawyers will vigorously contest the will in court.

“We had a very watertight family estate plan, It still exists, and it is the legitimate will. Period,” Shawn told the New York Post.

Larry and Shawn King were married for 22 years, but were in the middle of a divorce when Larry wrote the new, secret will.

Last year, in his last televised interview, he told Inside Edition what drove them apart.

“From child rearing to religion, we didn’t get along,” he said, adding that their 26-year age gap was also a factor.


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