Late for Class? Deer Seen Running Through Hallways of School

It is not the first time an animal has roamed the halls of a school.

Students at a Mississippi school got quite a shock as a deer suddenly burst in and scrambled down a hallway. 

The deer came through a propped-open door at Enterprise Middle School near the city of Jackson and left a few students terrified.

Surveillance footage shows the animal turning a corner, sliding on its side and managed to regain some footing while dodging other teens as it made its way out through another open door and out of the building.

The students all managed to jump out of the deer's path. No one was injured. 

Principal Marlon Brannan told APTN that it's unusual to see deer on campus, but this particular doe had been grazing on a playground Wednesday morning.

He said the deer was "moving full-throttle" through the hallways and bloodied its nose by jumping and hitting a window three times. 

After the deer exited the school, it ran between two vehicles and escaped in the woods. 

It's not the first time an animal has roamed the hallways of a school.

Students at Bozeman High School in Montana saw a giant bear curiously walking around the halls in 2015. 

The bear, which entered through a garage door, was spotted in the cafeteria that morning, in the halls, and then on the football field, before being escorted away by a police officer, according to reports.

No one was injured and no classes were delayed in the incident.

That same year, a deer found its way into a Virginia middle school and couldn’t find its footing on the slippery floors of the hallway. 

The deer slipped and slid across the freshly clean floors of J.T. Henley Middle School outside Charlottesville in November 2015. 

Phil Giaramita, strategic communications officer for Albemarle County Public Schools, told Inside Edition in an email that “the deer came through a window in the front of the school, suggesting it may have seen its reflection in the glass and thought there was another deer present.”

The deer was spotted by a staff member of the school and ushered out the front door.

“There is a wooded area near the school and it is not uncommon for a wild animal to be on grounds," Giaramita said at the time. "This is the first incident, however, of this nature.”

The deer was safe following that incident.