Lava From Cumbre Vieja Continues to Run Down the Side of La Palma

Smoke and lava from the erupted volcano in Spain is captured on video from a drone.

A drone captured video showing smoke and lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, running down La Palma in Spain

The video was shared by Spain's Geology and Mining Institute. 

The volcano began to erupt in mid-September, reaching the water in Los Guirres Beach, according to the Transport Ministry. 

At the start of the eruption, authorities feared that the reaction between the lava and seawater could lead to powerful explosions, setting off toxic gas clouds.

According to authorities, seismic activity around the eruption site and the emissions of toxic sulfur dioxide has decreased and the air quality stayed good across most of the island, so there is no need for residents to stay indoors.

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