Legendary Actor Michael Landon's Daughter Sends Out Plea for Help Locating Cherished Souvenir

The late Michael Landon in a 1991 photo, and daughter, Cheryl Landon, in a 1999 photo
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Cheryl Landon is searching for a beloved memento of a trip she took with her father, Michael Landon, when she was 13.

The adopted daughter of legendary actor Michael Landon is searching for a piece of her childhood. Cheryl Landon's personalized plaque, signed by five astronauts at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, was stolen years ago and she believes it is somewhere in Arizona.

The plaque, she said, had been a souvenir from a special family vacation she took with her legendary father, Michael Landon, when she was 13. Landon, who starred in "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven," died in 1991 from pancreatic cancer. 

"Dad was touring the Bonanza tours, and we were in Houston, and we got invited to meet the original astronauts," Cheryl Landon told Arizona Family 3TV/CBS 5. "John Glenn, Alan Shepherd, Wally Schirra, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong.”

Landon alleged that the plaque was taken by a friend, who was a vet suffering from PTSD about five years ago, when she was living in Phoenix.

“I can’t fault him because he wasn’t of the right mind,” she said. 

Landon said she was able to track down the plaque that she later found out had been sold to a pawn shop. She said the pawnshop manager was able to hold the plaque for her, but Landon said she was unable to retrieve the plaque in time, due to health issues, and when she was ready to recover it, the pawnshop had been sold, the news outlet said.

The identity of the friend Landon mentions is not clear; therefore, Inside Edition Digital was unable able to reach out for comment.

Landon said the Maricopa Sheriff’s office worked in trying to locate her precious artifact but said they were running out of leads, CBS5 reported.

Now she is asking the public for their help and offering a cash reward. She did not disclose the amount but asked anyone who can find it to email her at findnasaplaque@gmail.com.  

”It would mean a lot," Landon told CB5. "One of my greatest hopes is to hand it down to my son and my grandbabies."