Let’s Get Ready to Slowly Rumble! Baby Sloth ‘Wrestles’ With Her Mom

The infant sloth was born in January.

An infant sloth at the Denver Zoo has been filmed wrestling and even throwing punches with her mother inside their habitat earlier this week.

On Tuesday, the zoo posted a video of infant sloth Baby Ruth, who was born in January, attempting to wrestle her mother, Charlotte Greenie. 

“In this video, ‘Baby Ruth’ is just under two months of age and growing quickly! Watch her and mom wrestling,” zoo officials said on Facebook.

Baby Ruth appears to have a slew of energy while her mother, slowly swatted her child’s arms away as they played around. 

In the 43-second video, Charlotte Greene is holding her child in their habitat but Baby Ruth seemed to be trying to put mom in a headlock and throw a few punches in a playful manner. Baby Ruth eventually stops trying to take a swing at her mom while she is being held and comforted.  

Baby Ruth was born on Jan. 28, and zoo officials say she is doing well and already has robust claws. 

“Our new sloth baby has a strong grip, is growing and doing well. Every day, the baby appears to become more aware of the world and seems to investigate as much as it can while still clinging close to Charlotte,” the zoo wrote on their website.