Limbani the Chimp Goes Bananas as He Reunites With Couple Who Raised Him

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A baby chimpanzee showed unbridled joy as he was visited by the foster parents who helped raised him. 

Limbani the chimp screeched and clung to his human dad, Jorge, and went in for more hugs. The chimp has the same adorable reaction when he sees Tania, his human mom.

The couple helped raise him during his first few months of life after the chimp came down with pneumonia and was rejected by his mother.

They provided around-the-clock care for the animal in the first months of his life, which has caused Limbani to treat the humans like his birth parents. 

Limbani now lives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami and has the same reaction of pure delight every time the couple comes to visit.

Limbani has become an Instagram star of sorts as Tania often posts videos and photos of him on the social network.


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