Rescue Chimps Frolic in Georgia Sanctuary's Ball Pit

The nine chimps were rescued after a life in a research lab.

Talk about having a ball!

Nine chimpanzees at Georgia chimp rescue Project Chimps recently spent their time diving into a brand new ball pit, tossing handfuls of colorful toys in the air.

Caregivers thought it would be a fun idea to see how the chimps would react to hundreds of plastic balls in a tub as an enrichment tool.

Although many of the chimps had no idea what to do until a caregiver gave them a demonstration, it was clear the experiment was a great success.

After they were done with the balls, they even had fun with the tub, pulling it around their enclosure while hollering.

The residents of Project Chimps were rescued from research labs, and are now living out the rest of their lives at the sanctuary.