Rescued Baby Chimp Becomes a Co-Pilot as He Flies to Primate Sanctuary

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Forget the Wizard of Oz — this flying monkey is both cuddly and cute.

Mussa, a baby chimpanzee rescued from the clutches of poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, looked completely at ease earlier this month while serving as co-pilot on the way to a primate rehabilitation sanctuary.

The pilot, Anthony Caere of the Virunga National Park, was transporting Mussa to Lwiro Primates in the city of South Kivu when the chimp climbed onto his lap. 

The two became fast friends, and Mussa was seen adjusting the throttle, cuddling with the pilot and enjoying the view from above in a video provided by Lwiro Primates.

It was much-needed comfort for Mussa, who is believed to have lost some family members and even his mother to poachers.

Mussa was so at ease that he even fell asleep on Caere’s lap.

After landing safely, Mussa emerged from the plane and into the hands of Lwiro Primates staffers.


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